Her help during the entire fundraiser has been outstanding. The orders are all very well organized when they arrive, and I have not had any problems at all. Mrs. Wylie is such a professional and does so well at her job! I will continue using Big Kahuna as our school fundraiser.”

Blanca N. Garza
Administrative Assistant
Northpointe Intermediate
Tomball ISD

“Big Kahuna delivered on all our expectations. Not only did they offer an engaging, live launch but they managed the prize stocks and had a delivery campaign that was quick and easy for parents. Our fundraiser goal exceeded our target, and the students enjoyed their game truck award! Big Kahuna is a WIN-WIN”

Loverne Henry
McElwain Elementary
Campus Secretary
Katy ISD

“I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Amanda Wylie. We had our Big Kahuna fundraiser in the Fall. Ms. Amanda was flexible and always happy to answer my questions and concerns.

In addition, the Big Kahuna crew was quick and super friendly when it came to fundraiser pick-up. We had no issues. My principal and I were pleased. All the students were very happy with the whole fundraiser and party bus. A huge thank you to all, we hope to work with them again soon.”

Jazmin Rangel
Cannan Elementary
Willis ISD

“Our PTO is highly pleased with Amanda Wylie and Big Kahuna Fundraising. We like the products which the company has to offer and how Amanda has made our relationship more than just another customer/business one. Mrs. Wylie cares about helping our parents. Most of the organization is done by Big Kahuna Fundraising and our learning community gets all the profit. We will continue our partnership with Big Kahuna Fundraising each year.”

Todd Armelin
Winship Elementary School
Spring ISD

“Fundraisers are tough for junior high age students. We have been working with Big Kahuna for years now and it truly is the best. We are a very small school in a small community, but we always exceed my expectations with the money raised by selling these products. From start to finish, the Big Kahuna representatives take care of everything. As a busy AP on a junior high campus, I would recommend Big Kahuna to any administrator looking for a quick win.”

Sharon Jeansonne
Woodville Junior High
Campus Secretary
Woodville ISD

“I have been working with Amanda for at least 4 years now, she has always gotten right back to me when with either by calling or texting or an email. When the items the students have sold are delivered, the big kahuna rep sets it all up and I don't really do anything. This company is very easy to work with and I can always depend on Amanda. Yesterday I called her after 5 and she was still helping me to set up dates for our school's party bus. I love working with this company and with all their employees.”

Sherry McKey
Hull-Daisetta Elementary
Campus Secretary
Hull-Daisetta ISD

“I’ve had the help of Amanda with Big Kahuna for a few years while helping on the board of my kid’s school PTO. I came in clueless with fundraisers and Amanda made it so simple and easy.  Amanda’s communication is spot on. If I ever have a question, she’s a phone call away. She’s always making sure we have everything we need and that everyone’s happy! You can tell she LOVES what she does!”

Amberly Jolly
Webb Elemetary
PTO Fundraiser Chair
Navasota ISD

Spring Hill Intermediate has been fortunate to partner with Big Kahuna over the past 6-7 years.  Our community is very responsive to the quality products Big Kahuna offers.  Our students work hard to earn the incentive prizes they offer.  They are easily attainable for all students, and they are very motivating!  From beginning to end, the fundraising process runs very smoothly and is not a burden on teachers or office staff.  Mr. Franzke and his staff handle everything with the utmost professionalism, and they are very organized!  The Party Bus/lunch has been a huge hit year after year!  The Big Kahuna Fundraiser has been a huge success year after year!  I can't say enough good things about this company! 

Dana Robertson
Spring Hill Intermediate School
Spring Hill ISD

I have been working with Mr. Arthur for over 15 years now!  Big Kahuna fundraising has been one of the easiest fundraisers ever!  Our school has never earned less than $20,000 profit per fundraiser.  Arthur and his team are great to work with and make the process very easy from getting everything started to rolling our deliveries at the end.  Adding the recent online sales has made the profits and simplicity of fundraising so much easier.  We will continue to use Big Kahuna for as long as I am a Principal at Griffin Elementary!

Kristie Crabtree
Griffin Elementary
Forney ISD

Lone Star Elementary loves our BIG KAHUNA fundraising days! From selling products to help with our school needs, to earning the fun collectibles and finally being able to ride the BIG KAHUNA PARTY BUS.  The experience for the kids and staff is uplifting and fun knowing that we get to make a difference for our school. We also enjoy singing on the Party Bus together, taking pictures and making memories. The Big Kahuna staff are always fun, engaging and make our time enjoyable.  The positive experiences and interactions we have with staff and students make our fundraising time with The Big Kahuna delightful and pleasurable.
We couldn't ask for a better way to fundraise!! 

Lisa Gifford - Office Coordinator
Lone Star Elementary
Keller ISD

"I've worked with Arthur and Big Kahuna Fundraising for more than a decade and had a fantastic experience every time. Year after year, they facilitate our largest campus fundraiser by providing all the tools we need for promotion, sales, and delivery. You can't ask for a better, more turn-key experience."

Mr. Brad Tyler - Principal
Parkwood Hill Intermediate
Keller ISD

“I really like doing the Big Kahuna Fundraiser at our school because it’s super easy to set it up. Elliot is very helpful. One of my favorite things about Big Kahuna is we don’t have to worry about coming up with prizes. The spreadsheet provided to us is a lifesaver making it super easy and helpful to keep up with all the payments and boxes given out. If I ever have any questions or concerns, I can get an answer almost immediately by either sending an email or calling Elliot Franzke. Holding a fundraiser can be very stressful but Big Kahuna makes it so much easier. I absolutely love working with them.”

Valeria Vivas
Administrative Assistant
John D. Spicer Elementary
Birdville ISD

We have used Big Kahuna fundraisers for the five years that I have been principal of Ridgewood Elementary. The company has been fantastic to work with. Their products are of high quality and are easy to sell. Our students love the prizes and the party bus incentives. The best part of Big Kahuna is they handle contacting the seller’s family for product pickup, and they distribute the products completely. It is always a very successful fundraiser, and I am excited to continue our partnership with Beth and Big Kahuna in the future.

Kevin Shexnider
Ridgewood Elementary

We have used Big Kahuna for the last 5 years for our campus fundraiser.  Big Kahuna is easy to set up and promote and their staff is friendly and helpful.  We have had great success working with Big Kahuna and Beth!  Give them a try!

Mandie Champaign
Groves Elementary

We have been working with Big Kahuna for years now and it truly is the best. I have worked with Beth & Big Kahuna for the last 6 years. 5 at elementary and 1 here at our Junior High. Big Kahuna makes it so easy on us. From the beginning to the end, it is easy for us to handle. The students love the prizes, and the parents are pleased with the product. Beth is always taking care of any need we have. We will be working with Beth and Big Kahuna for many years to come.

Cecilia Thomas
Campus Secretary
McNair Jr. High
Alvin ISD

We have worked with Big Kahuna fundraising for about the last six years.  Of those six years we have had the opportunity to work with Shyana for about three of them.  She is very helpful, friendly, and encouraging.  Anytime I need something or have any questions, she is quick to respond.  We typically do the home brochure in the fall semester and offer the party bus ride as an incentive.  Our students absolutely LOVE it.  We have had great success in the past years so this school year we are going to do the cookie/candy bar sale in the spring.  We will offer the game truck as an incentive.  THANK YOU, Shyana and Big Kahuna, as a whole for successful fundraiser efforts in the past and that we continue to have!

Trisha Johnson
Poolville Elementary
Administrative Assistant
Poolville ISD

Big Kahuna is the absolute best fundraising program by far.  The products are great, the prizes are things that kids are really interested in, the delivery of the product is seamless, and the prizes are delivered to kids in a timely manner...and LABELED!  I've tried other fundraisers, but this one really is the "Big Kahuna" of fundraisers for schools.

Jessica Shogreen M. Ed
Delmas F. Morton Elementary
Special Education Teacher & PTA President
Grand Prairie ISD

Yes, the kids really got into selling and that boosted student morale. Overall, it was a great experience for them and for me as this was my first time doing a fundraiser for the school. So overall I think this was a great opportunity and will love to do it again next school year. Thank you!

Michael Henry
Greenbriar Elementary
Head Custodian & PTO

Fort Worth ISD

We have used the Big Kahuna for the last 3 years.  I have really enjoyed working with Shyana. She takes care of everything from the very beginning to the very end of the fundraiser.  Along with getting next year's fundraiser set up as well. The kids love the kickoff presentations, it gets them all pumped up to sell and receive the collectible prizes. The upmost Complete Full Service with Texts/emails sent to parents with all information from her. All I do is deposit the money and make sure the forms are all filled out correctly for her to pick up. If you ever need anything or have a question, you will always get help or a response right away. 

The Online store is very convenient for parents, grandparents, and neighbors that don't have students at the school. She waits on all the parents to pick up the deliveries on delivery day.  All the prizes are in the order boxes when picked up and the students LOVE the Kona Ice snow cone rewards. I have never had any problems with this fundraiser.  Try it and you will love using the Big Kahuna!

Debbie Walsh
Lynn Hale Elementary
Principal Secretary
Arlington ISD

Working with Big Kahuna is an absolute blessing. Ms. Shyana is awesome... she helps me stay on track, she provides me with clear directives, and always does what she says she is going to do. She is so good to work with that I don't have to worry about a thing. Our campus has had Big Kahuna as their main fundraiser every Fall for many years now and it's always been saucerful. Our families are happy with the goodies offered in the catalog and online. I am also happy to announce that we will now be adding them for our Spring fundraiser. 

Lucy Torres
Life School Mountain Creek
Registrar / Campus Liaison

Charter School

Big Kahuna is an incredible fundraiser to work with.  Shyana is especially accommodating and helpful with everything.  Everything but counting money is coordinated through them right down to the wording to use for prize action.  They are the best and I appreciate all the help they have given our school.  Plus, it doesn't hurt that the items sell themselves.  Thank you.

LuAnn Mihelich
Ellis Elementary
Principals Secretary
Arlington ISD